Kolkata – the city still gave me the same feeling as Howrah station did when I first arrived in that part of the country over ten years ago – the yellow Ambassador cars, chaos and disorder. I did like the fact, that despite the dilapidated buildings, it still has vast green patches, open spaces and a nice tree cover. People looked quite relaxed. Some parts of the city actually looked quite nice, at least from a distance ( Park Street and Esplanade ) and I regretted the fact that I hadn’t explored eastern India (specially the North East) one bit despite staying there. Fortunately I haven’t made that mistake again and have always made sure to fully explore the places around me.

Part of me wished that I could have included a quick trip to KGP. Another part of me wanted to steer clear of all awry memories of a stressful episode where little seemed to go right. Though I never visited the place after finishing my final year project, it would probably be interesting to go and see all that has changed over the years and to meet my guide. Anyway, life has become much better after gaining moksha from a soul draining cycle of examinations.

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