Uncertainty and the real world

Bangalore in the early nineties. A garden city, a peaceful retirement town with a hill station’s climate. People begin to discover this nice little town and migrate there. That can be surely expected in a country where for some reason, urbanization has so far been concentrated in areas with the harshest weather conditions on the planet; hot and humid. Coming back to those migrating to Bangalore. Initially the flow of people to the city begins as a trickle and  that trickle quickly becomes a flow ( as more and more MNCs establish base there ) . The arrival of people over there makes it an even more crowded and congested place than the cities where the people originally came for. The same story holds true for Pune as well.

Google in 2002-2004.  A small company, very much a startup. Provided a welcome escape to people at the Empire – Microsoft ( which was also an agile startup somewhere in the distant past ).  Google provided that “startup-y” feeling to people who wished to escape the role of being shiny cogs in the wheels of  corporate giants. Fast forward to 2011 and Googlers are heading to Facebook and Twitter for that “startup feeling”. What itself started as a startup is no longer one.

21/22 year old starry eyed college graduate with that prized job.  Wants to be a millionaire before thirty. By the time that million or crore or whatever … is finally in sight, it no longer seems as much as it did at 22. Many others around were on a similar agenda. Now that so many are equally rich, you don’t feel all that rich. What you feel is the inflation.

In short, whenever you make a transition to experience a change,  you negate the change you intend to experience, specially when you are part of a crowd making a similar transition. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle was not just applicable to electrons jumping orbits.

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