Some more “Three Idiots” whining

Manu Joseph has once again cashed in on the perpetual whining and cribbing which Three Idiots induced amongst cry babies . Once again he has cashed in on a sprinking of Those Three Letters in a couple of paragraphs to promote his hyper-dramatic articles and get it more search engine hits .

I see a funny mix of irony and hypocricy in the fact that –

a) So many people are cheering for his story .

b) Barely 1 or 2 of my posts on this blog have  Those Three Letters in them and they get 75% of the search engine traffic .

There are two sets of cry babies .

a) The first set , which was desperate to get into engineering ( for reasons they themselves didn’t know probably ) and didn’t ( probably good for them ) . You see them cheering articles like the grossly exaggerated piece of literature Mr Manu Joseph has produced .

b) The second set is a bit less fortunate . At 17 years of age, they weren’t smart enough to figure out what they wanted in life, but they were smart enough to ace the entrance exams .

This is the group which pretends to be “Victims of Social Pressure” who were “forced into Engineering” ( by whom – other than their own selves , I am yet to figure out ) . They then cook up a very very melodramatic story and exit the tech-coporate stage by finding their so called True Calling in life which could vary from writing some shallow, giggly book to producing some photoshopped photographs . Which is perfectly fine till the point they start projecting themselves as Martyrs who were unable to pursue their passion because they were “forced” into a rat race .

Ya go cry me a river . Rats have no one to blame but themselves for being in a rat race .

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One Response to Some more “Three Idiots” whining

  1. Umang Saini says:

    The thing about movie and book review’s is that you have to take them with a pinch of salt. Best 3i review I’ve read till now is –

    I wouldn’t term it rat race. It’s raw competition. 3-minute sneak peak into what is looks like for our neighbors –

    Lastly, babies are designed by nature to cry. If they don’t it’s a far bigger problem 🙂

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