Faith and my lack of it

This non-issue has started to hit the headlines again.  . Every nook and corner of the world has its own Jerusalem of problems. I can’t pretend to have any solutions to a complex problem like this so that isn’t what I’m going to blog about. But I do need to air my views on the general umm… “concept” of religion . You might ask me why I’d like to blog about such a touchy issue . Well look, the nice thing about Web 2.0 is that I can safely tread on a lot of people’s toes ( online ) and have nothing to fear from them because all of us on blogosphere are good at fighting, but only in bits and bytes and not really with say knives and swords and guns and I doubt even in person . The fact that sensational posts get more search engine hits doesn’t hurt my purpose either .

Back to more serious stuff. As you can figure out, I am not a religious person. I certainly believe in a general creating force (it may be divine, spiritual , physical or chemical – either ways its all beyond my understanding so it can all be safely classified as “divine” ) . I also believe in a pretty nice set of general values . Any religion certainly has a lot of nice aspects – like creating a community feeling , festivals – giving people a reason to celebrate . I kind of like the idea of karma within the same life – before its game over . And that’s about it. Short, sweet and simple. More than enough to make a good human being . I do like some of the content in religious books . But as far as God is concerned , all available representations and explanations about him seem just about as real as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck .

And, let’s not even start talking about what is supposed to be “God’s will” which people love to talk about.  For starters it has been quite crappy most of the time .  The thing which bugs me about religion is the fact that people get a third party to transfer the blame for their ridiculous actions. Its amazing how people abdicate all responsibility for their actions because “God told them to”. Looks like a very smart bunch of people got together and created an imaginary scapegoat to justify their vilest of actions . I don’t mind people believing in a bunch of fairy tales but when their life is governed by it then we have a problem .

Now when there are too many imaginary ideas floating around, I can mathematically prove why we have a clear cut retrograde effect using someone’s Tweet which I came across recently.

##An ‘i’ for an ‘i’ makes the whole thing -1.” — Math-ma Gandhi.

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2 Responses to Faith and my lack of it

  1. Umang Saini says:

    You may give DIY-religion a try (Link,, or join the Swedish in their quest for Kopimism.

    The Hindu updated the website few months back, their Editorial is as-good-as-forever and now more accessible.
    They post fewer irritating non-issues, than HT (fewer distractions too, see their ‘Social’ tab for reference).

    There are scores of more trivial cases being fought in SC (like Amar Singh suing Sonia Gandhi, then removing her from the appeal, and Congress’s Lawyer fighting his case, etc.). It’s their money, time and energy to waste as they deem fit.

  2. anon says:

    your posts are pretty offensive and try to make light of a lot of serious things . can’t believe u compared God with donald duck . u techies are polluting blogosphere with ur so called modern and progressive ideas . u guys have too much time on ur hands off late becoz u get too much money for so little work .

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