December 2010 – I am sitting in the same room where I spent most of December 2000 . Ten years ago this was my study – and – surf room . Today it is my code – and – surf room . If there is one major transformation which occurred in my life in this period its the fact that the Keyboard wiped out the pen as the mightiest instrument or weapon in my arsenal .

Ten years ago I was a Class 12 student , preparing for the Entrance exam and the Board examination .  I had discovered the computer and the Internet as well . What was I aiming for – ten years ago ? And at this point of time does reality ( ie my current state ) have any kind of similarity with any of that ?  What I aimed for and what I managed :

Get into IIT as a seventeen year old and not some old man giving the test for the n-th time . (Done – but I still managed to waste a year 😛 )

Make sure to get into the CSE department and nothing else . What are the other subjects at IIT ? ( Lets not get into the details of gruesome ordeals in life . )

Learn something about graphics and animation ( done )

Go to the gym and bulk up.  ( LOL )

Read a lot of books and magazines ( never happened –  do blogs count ? )

Solve a lot of puzzles ( Well if coding counts ,  I still give a positive push to India’s rating at Topcoder.com in the NP – Hard Marathon matches )

Move to the US .  ( A short and sweet stay  )

Study further and go into purely theoretical or mathematical research ; do a PhD .  ( This slipped off the radar altogether .  )

Work at Microsoft or somewhere in the Silicon Valley .  ( So the ticket to Redmond WA was already booked .)

Drive around in a fancy car . ( Done . So I can now get back to my bicycle . )

Learn to roller – blade . ( Very very amateur-ish levels only )

Learn to fly RC Aircraft ( Managed to destroy one on its very first take off . )

Fly a kite . ( Very similar to the RC plane )

Build a snowman ( Done . )

Settle down in a nice big company . ( Thank God I didn’t do this to myself  . )

Meet that someone special . ( Still hopeful )

Travel a lot . Within India and outside as well.   ( Okay , I’ve seen a fair bit of the world . )

Change the world and fix all its problems like disease , illiteracy etc. ( Current status : Failing miserably . )

Discover what makes me happy , content . ( I’ll think about this later . Let me get back to work now .)

Become a millionaire well before thirty . ( I am still dreaming of this one . )








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2 Responses to 2000-2010

  1. Sumit says:

    Reading this reminded me my childhood dreams. I do deserve a look back will do the same in the coming holidays.

  2. Like..
    Settle down in a nice big company . ( Thank God I didn’t do this to myself . ) ROFLLL

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