One journey ends , another one begins – Leaving Microsoft

   Friday (29th Jan) was my last day at Microsoft . I handed in my "blue badge" and only then did it begin to sink in how much life was changing , and how quickly it was all happening . I stayed 2years 4months at Microsoft  ,  as a Software Engineer in the Sharepoint team.  After one shipping cycle , I basically gave in to that startup itch which makes so many Software Engineers restless and makes them jump out of their comfort zone.
   The Redmond campus is full of amazingly smart people .  Coders , hackers , designers , researchers and business people – you’ll find some of the best of all these at Microsoft in Redmond . Leaving Microsoft felt more like leaving the shelter of an amazing university campus than leaving a corporation . In the last week at Microsoft  I had team lunches with the various groups I was a part of  and I wished I had those group lunches more often.  In the rush of life we often don’t interact enough with those around us and then regret it when when it’s time to part.
   What’s my next destination ? I’m going back India to put some ideas of my own into action .  I am excited about this transition even though I am sad that I have to leave Redmond and the United States which had become home so quickly .   However home is always home , and for now it seems to be the destination where it’d be easier to realize my ambitions for a multitude of reasons .
  I’ll fly back to India on the 7th of Feb and that flight will definitely be a landmark in my life .
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