A surprising addition to the list of Human Rights Violations ….

Came across this comment on tech crunch  http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/14/india-rd-hub-silicon-valley/  :

………. india is plagued with child slavery, arranged marriage, and many other serious human rights violations ………

I had a good laugh after reading this . But you know what , try to understand arranged marriage from an outsider’s point of view and maybe it is a human rights violation after all  Open-mouthed Who the hell wants to be tied down to a partner as  soon as he/she reaches a "cut-off" age for getting married  , when the 25/26 year old "kid" would probably be much happier  getting drunk , playing video games and exploring the world !!!  Hahahaha , so does anyone really "feel" like a "victim" of arranged marriage – just curious 🙂








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