My Latest Aquisition … No not Yahoo :)

Its one of those times when I feel the urge to buy something and I do. This wasn’t *THAT* hasty a purchase though its something I had in
mind for a long while and I finally went and bought it – a brand new bicycle which I can use around my home or on bike trails and paths
 which are in plently in the Redmond/Seattle area. Two months ago I had this urge to buy umm something bigger — a car — but good luck
prevailed and the sheer paperwork required to purchase a car ( which is something I really don’t seem to require in Redmond ) turned
out to be better for my bank balance. I had a rented car for more than a month and after a few weeks of zapping up and down on the
freeway from Redmond to Seattle ( and a few aimless rides into the hills ) the excitement soon died out and it doesn’t seem to be
worthwhile to buy at least for a while.
So here is my bike.
So this is my latest ‘aquisition’. 
I took it on one of the trails quite close to where I stay, and it was quite an interesting cycle ride. For one,
I was riding a bike after ages. Next, it took me a while to figure out which of its 21 gears  I should be using
at any point of time. Third, it gave me a much more interesting view of Redmond than the cut and paste
repetitiveness of the surroundings which blaze past me during car/bus rides on the freeways.
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