A Tech Environment vs an Inv.Bank

This was a comparision which was long due. Diplomacy forbade me from writing this for a while, but now I feel its long due.
My first job afer passing out of college was as an Analytics Developer at Lehman Brothers in Mumbai. Okay, the software I
was developing was for NY/London, but I pretty much got a feel of what an investment bank was about.
The job and the experience, pretty much lived upto expectations on the whole. Lehman was a professionally run organization.
there were smart and ambitious people all around and  *think* I learnt enough about how to develop the design of software
which is essential for the running of a big business. While the nature of the job lacked technical depth, it gave me a kind of
broad insight into technolgies available and currently in use – web services, real time messaging systems,databases,scripting
and even UI which I pretty much hate 🙂 Apart from that it gave me an exposure to the basics of finance/economics. Much
as I’m not very interested in these fields, I did manage to get the jist of it, more importantly from my own Portfolio’s point of
view, and to be honest this knowledge was an essential addition to my almost purely-tech education.
In October 2007 I joined Microsoft. In a way, the job as such hardly changes- its a JOB after all. The attitude of the people was
what mattered most. I can’t help making comparisons between my current env. and the previous one.
Well, my observations are here. Okay, it may be much easier to become a millionaire at an i-bank.
( Though I really doubt even that given the credit turmoil.) But I’d really not want to go to that kind of environment again.
There was a silly air of pretence at Lehman with people acting way more corporate than they needed to be, making fancy
conversation etc., pretending that it was beneath their dignity to code, and of course the fanciest people were those trying
 to work their way to Ferraris, and had mastered the art of making their spreadsheet copy and paste sound like research
of a rocket science complexity. People were busy behaving as if they were rubbing shoulders with CEOs in the board rooms.
 If you’d go to a bar or restraunt and a ‘bro’ happened to be there, there was bound to be a loud discussion about the latest
 mereger or aquisition or some random stock price, in a voice loud enough to let every1 in 100m radius realize the fact that
 he was honored of being in the vicinity of the ‘financially’-literate.
I cannot imagine heading back to an environment like that . There was more than a tinge of coporateness in everything, even
a daaru party.  Also, there were way too many people to be regularly reported to,  emails were spell checked and formatted
to perfection, and just way too formal. Clients had to be replied to at once,with ‘Dear XYZ…’ ‘Chocolate at my desk<eom>’
was about as casual as things got.
Now I almost feel I’m back to college mode 🙂 The beer parties, general freedom and casual environment, not havin to think
twice before dropping the f*** word . Though for some wierd reason I no longer feel like drinking at all ! Oh , well ….
Also, my mind works better in T-shirts and sneakers 🙂 
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