If only I could turn back time …

I would head to the instant just before the New York Stock Exchange closing bell rang on Thursday the 31st of Jan 2008 , and buy some Yahoo stock !
It was a surprise for me as I saw the early morning news flash and email about the 44.6 Billion being waved to Yahoo  to get themselves sold .
It was an even bigger shock as I saw the trading prices of Yahoo tick northwards by the second and by midday (Friday) it was selling a good 50%
above the previous day’s close.  My infatuation for my precious internet stock portfolio (which was Yahooless) and my gratitude to them vanished
 immediately .. yeh dil maange more 🙂  When I was plannin my stock purchases .. who the hell would have thought of this sinking ship, just another
dot-gone to be company, the last of the dot com giants, eaten by the big bad GOOG . Well , the ship sank on top of a sunken treasure chest.
Good for Microsoft. But it will reduce some of the small little joys which I get in navigating to mail.yahoo.com just for the sake of entering a different
digital  territory  🙂
For those who missed the boat to billionairedom and have yet to realize it:
YHOO, NYSE Closing Price on Thursday , $19
YHOO, NYSE Closing Price on Friday     , $29
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