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Communism, Capitalism and the World …

  Recently I picked up ‘The World is Flat’ by Friedman.  Its about how he visits China , India and writes about how globalization is making different parts of the world pretty much similar. My concentration for some reason doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Tech Environment vs an Inv.Bank

  This was a comparision which was long due. Diplomacy forbade me from writing this for a while, but now I feel its long due. My first job afer passing out of college was as an Analytics Developer at Lehman … Continue reading

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If only I could turn back time …

I would head to the instant just before the New York Stock Exchange closing bell rang on Thursday the 31st of Jan 2008 , and buy some Yahoo stock ! It was a surprise for me as I saw the … Continue reading

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C# turns out to be cool

When I was in college, one of the things I did with great enthusiasm was to pick up Core Java , through my own pet projects and programs. In many ways it was really a foundation layer of what was … Continue reading

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