Seattle / Redmond

Seattle as a city is quite facinating . 3 million people , and some of the world’s greatest technology has come from this city. Right from Aircraft , to operating systems … to  real time buying and selling systems (Boeing,Microsoft,Amazon…) and thousands of startups apart from this .  And the startups here do well.
In a cool/cold mountain-surrounded environment the brain, I’m sure functions better and more creatively.
Have been drawin up a list of museums to visit over the next couple of months. The museum of flight would be first on my list 🙂 Before I got lost somewhere in the bits and bytes of the screen ur gazing at right now,  aviation was something which I really found facinating and I still do find it really interesting . If there’s a wonder of engineering its the aircraft . I mean … every calculation going into its making has to be so accurate, its so critical. Similarly the circuits and programs controlling every single part of it have to be so accurate .  Its not like a web service which can simple throw an exception , jot it down in the log file , and get away with it. Its a matter of life n death – a single slip would mean an air crash. On the code front ,what ‘ve heard is that for every single line of code which controls the rudders/wings etc … there are 55 levels of scrutinizing n testing …. anyways … continuin with Seattle
Not too sure about this but its probably ranked as the best city to stay in the US. (Yeah sure therez a lot of rain … ) Also what I find really cool is the fact that its
located right next to the pacific north west mountain ranges. 
The first impression I get from a city is from  its skyline , and the architecture.
This is probably the millionth time that a pic of the Space Needle is being posted on the Internet – but somehow it is so impressive that I feel it deserves one more tribute:)
And then again … how can I forget to paste a pic of my new office .. Building 16 at Microsoft – the Office Business Platform Division
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