Friday Night . And what do I see

Friday Night . And what do I see . Or what do I think of .\
Fortunately or Unfortunately just one thing . I may sound like a complete drunkard as I write this . But today is one of the few Friday nights when not a single drop of Alcohol is flowing in my veins … except for maybe the last week’s session … And the week before that … and so on …
Something looks very romantic about these pics ( See below … ) . Beautiful bottles 🙂 And even more beautiful content . With the power to make u visualize the most beautiful things 🙂
Anyways lets stop this crap . Another great weekend arrives . And this time , believe me it really feels great . After pushing thousands of lines of the crappiest possible code onto the production server . AND specially since it did not ( apparently ) ruin anything . As of now .
Anyways , I am really looking forward to the weekend . When the wanderer in me comes up , and I head somewhere out of the blue .
Anything , Anywhere ,Anythime . And I guess its really needed . From gulping beer on top Singhad fort at 3am in the night . Or getting bitten by mosquitoes in the IITB Boathouse next to the lake . Frankly spkin I myself would probably not have been so enthusiastic about this kinda stuff . Fortunately , I am gifted with some of the greatest ppl in the world as my frenz 🙂
And as the weekend will come to an end what will I start seeing again ??? an LCD Screen … . Then come the 5 days when  the only thing I see eye-to-eye is a bloody LCD Screen . In the office . And then when I return home , again I invariably find nothin more simulating than … another LCD screen …  .
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