Through the window …

 This is the view from my office window. Nice , no doubt . And maybe somewhat similar to what people in urbanized places across the world  might find when they look at their city skylines and landscapes . Quite enchanting when you see it at least the first few times . Imposing towelike structures , reconstructions of some greek era , hills on one side , lake in the background .
But the biggest difference .. as compared to the snapshot of any other Indian city area is the surreal symmetry of the architecture .
Aligned . The style of the buildings is such that they just blend into each other . Giving the entire landscape a personality of its own .
Now – after 8 months – when I look through the same glass – things are different . I feel that maybe somethings missing . The Chaos .
The Disorder . 10 different buildings , 10 different styles . Each of a different height and color . Something like what exists on Marine Drive
and South Bombay . 20 floor mod looking hotels on one side . Grand buildings of the University campus close by . And some of those old
dilapidated British Raj ke time ki buildings which some folks are often so proud of … and many of them exist only coz these guys want to preserve their ‘heritage’ and the ‘charm’ … dude may i remind u the brits were not necessarily our heritage ….. 🙂
Anyways … each of those has its own personality ………… and at times that seems a bit more interesting .
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